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Capitalizing on our deep ecosystem and networks of relationships throughout the power industries in North America, China, Middle East and Southeast Asia, KNIGHTSBRIDGE INTEGRATED SOLUTION PTE. LTD. ("KBIS") seeks to cultivate commercial finance and investment opportunities not typically available to generalist investors. Engaging with the experience and sophistication of a strategic industry participant, KBIS' deal teams deploy capital in compelling investment opportunities predicated on innovative or disruptive business models and companies with the demonstrated potential for accelerated market leadership. Our strategy also benefits from our in-house human capitals and external ecosystems of energy/infrastructure industry advisors with which we partner with management teams to make strategic and operational improvements in our portfolio projects and companies, helping to further drive shareholder value. 

We are flexible and opportunistic, investing at any level of the capital structure and benefiting from KBIS' superior access to deal flow. We pursue commercial finance and private investments in companies within the Power, Infrastructure and their adjacent growth Industries. The company seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by investing with the strategic insight of an experienced industry participant, the operating skill of a world-class management team, and the investing capabilities of a commercial finance holding company.


Our company also invests in energy/infrastructure projects sponsored/owned by State-Owned Enterprises with established business models, Public-Private Partnerships' project delivery mechanisms such as Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT); Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain (DBFOM); Design-Build-Operate-Maintain (DBOM), and attractive growth prospects where there is an opportunity to create value through operational transformation.


KBIS combines specialized engineers for oil & energy and utilities' technology sector knowledge, rigorous financial due diligence processes, and an ecosystem of energy industry relationships to create a significant competitive advantage in executing its integrated investment strategy. Our unique access to entrepreneurs in the U.S.A., China, Middle East and Southeast Asia with pervasive connections with local business and government leaders provides us a deal-flow that is unique and not easily accessible to others. Further a unique investor pool of ultra high net-worths and entrepreneurial wealth, provides us the ability to originate direct deals for principal investing, commercial financing and capital syndication. Supporting this approach is our belief that the potential returns more than compensate for the bearing of increased risk. 

Our work


KNIGHTSBRIDGE INTEGRATED SOLUTION PTE LTD. ("KBIS") is a trusted, leading solution provider and integrator of infrastructure, engineering and construction financing. We are an independent alternative investment management firm with focus on funding secured investments via project financing services to leverage the market-leading energy/infrastructure sectors and capital-raising expertise and relationships of its principals to create long-term value and investment opportunities for select clients and investors.

KBIS provides a full complement of project financing advisory and investment services for infrastructure, engineering and construction, and invests its own capital alongside its clients to unlock unique opportunities. The company offers project finance, debt and equity recapitalizations and M&A advisory services as well as access to investment opportunities across the spectrum of private equity, mezzanine and at some cases, distress situations. The ability to operate across both the advisory and principal investment businesses, combined with KBIS’s unmatched ecosystem and network of commercial relationships, creates a powerful opportunity to leverage capital-raising expertise, specialized local market knowledge and access to proprietary opportunities for our key clients.

KBIS’s primary focus is on the North American and Southeast Asian's oil & energy and natural resources industries, where recent market dynamics have generated significant opportunities on both the advisory and principal investing fronts.

KBIS’ culture emphasizes teamwork and a collaborative approach. As a meritocracy, KBIS recognizes and rewards talent and innovation, rather than position and tenure, while encouraging training and development among its staff. KBIS applies an intellectual rigour to its strategy and day-to-day management, questioning each decision on the basis of its value to clients.

The KBIS' corporate culture is expressed through six (6) guiding principles: 

  • Customer-Centric - Our clients’ interests always come first. We are committed to flawless execution and going the extra mile for clients. We deliver on promises but never promise what we can’t deliver. We integrate ingenuity, creativity,  quality, and dedication and are always solutions-driven.

  • Winning Together - At KBIS, we operate seamlessly across geographies and functions. We look for opportunities to help others accomplish goals in quality deliveries for energy/infrastructure project financing, capital raising, venture capital, debt restructuring and mergers & acquisitions and actively contribute to KIS' enduring successes. 

  • Empowered Human Capital - We strive to recruit, develop, and retain the best engineering and finance professionals in the business. We recognize, foster, and reward merit, while encouraging training and development to maintain and enhance our professional expertise. We are committed to valuing and leveraging diversity in our people. Our commitment to diversity has been embedded through group’s wide support of employee networks. The networks work in partnership with the group to foster an inclusive environment and raise diversity awareness within KBIS. 

  • Mutual Respect and Trusted - We lead a one team and expect the highest ethical standards to be maintained and seek compliance with the law and regulations. We acknowledge mistakes and encourage constructive disagreement. In everything we do, we treat each other with trust and mutual respect. 


  • Innovation and Pioneering Spirits - Our innovation and pioneering spirits deliver superior solutions for our repeat clients. There is widespread awareness and pride in our firsts, evidence that we are already delivering an ingenuity spirit. It strikes a chord with each of us individually, empowering us feel that we have lots of ideas to contribute. It also suggests an energetic, ideas-centric, creative organization - something each of us would feel proud to be part of.

  • Sustained Profitability - Our company’s profitability must stem from doing all of the above. KBIS is run for the benefit of its clients and their constituencies as well as for its owners and employees. Our earnings should grow if we achieve excellence in investing.  

Our Clients understand that we see them as part of the team and we work extra harder to ensure their goals are within reach. 



Level 39, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2
10 Marina Boulevard
Singapore 018983

Tel: 65.6808.7700

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PROVEN SUCCESS leading infrastructurE, engineering and construction financing



Advising clients and structure project finance (limited recourse and non-recourse debt financings) for energy/  infrastructure project development and finance (backed by host governments and/or municipalities).


Advising (arranging or placing to) the

middle market businesses raise equity (venture capital, angel investors) and debt capital (credit loan financing, senior debt, subordinated debt) to fund acquisitions, restructurings, recapitalizations and expansions.


Advising clients (in middle market) and financial partners on mergers and acquisition (Buy-Side M&A support; and Sell-Side M&A advisory engagements), divestitures and related strategic initiatives.

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