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Our mission statement is simple, but direct: "Building Trust and Delivering Value."  We accomplish this by having all of our focus on you, the client, and by staffing our assignments with seasoned energy finance professionals who have executive-level experience in leading both infrastructure, engineering and construction industries and professional services. We embrace a culture of high quality, integrity, teamwork and professionalism. The KB' team has the rare combination of diverse subject matter expertise, valuable client service experience and proven success in accelerating the infrastructure development in Indonesia.

We offer a management of transaction advisory services for our Indonesian private companies and Government of Indonesia from capital project conception to project completion and beyond. We are able to assist our clients in developing both greenfield and brownfield projects, primarily through project finance structures. We also help assess and manage the many variables that can affect the outcome of a project, including the political, social, legal and other risks that are inherent in complex, large scale projects and cross-border transactions. 

  • In Financial Advisory - We execute project terms, risks and viability, support negotiations and financial planning & arrangement between key parties;

  • In Structuring and Arrangement - We provide a total solution of optimal finance scheme, lead negotiations among sponsors and related parties;

  • In Syndication and Agent Services - We manage cross-border syndication and follow-up management and monitoring as lead-arranger and integrator.

We have a significant experience in helping client companies navigate the complexities on each phase of a transaction including:

  • Preliminary evaluation and due diligence;

  • Interfacing with local counsel and host country negotiations;

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating project documents, term sheets, financing agreements and security documents;

  • Overseeing the disbursement process, including satisfaction of conditions of disbursement;

  • Advising during operational period.

In a typical Project Finance arrangement, our processual management workflows are as follow:

  1. The sponsor establishes and invests capital in the project company, which will serve as the borrower;

  2. The project company signs contracts with various parties involved in the project;

  3. The project company signs a loan agreement with the financial institutions, and borrows funds for the completion and operation of the project;

  4. The project company uses cash flows that are generated from the project to repay the loan.

When partnering with KB, there are three clear advantages: 

I. Focus on Absolute Returns:

  • Leveraging our profound ecosystem and pervasive networks of Indonesian business relationships throughout the energy and infrastructure sectors, KB seeks to cultivate proprietary or specialized high quality alpha sources project investment opportunities to generate returns in both up and down markets.

  • KB seeks to formulate its long term development of infrastructure investments and employs project finance structures designed to deploy concessionary capital to the new energy innovation, project initiatives and business expansion. 

II. Partnership with Premier Management Teams:

  • Partnering with proven and world-class leaders drawn from across the regional Southeast Asian-based energy and technology industries and infrastructure-based capital projects and businesses, KB and its management teams work in concert to lead, integrate and deliver differentiated competitive advantage in their respective domains.

  • Seeking to capitalize on innovative or disruptive business models, the KB and its management partners aim to achieve performance metrics that are not dependent on prevailing regional macroeconomic conditions.

  • KB believes that its portfolio companies interact with nearly every sizeable participant in the power, technology value chain, providing access, relationships, and insights across all energy sub-sectors of their opportunity set.

III. Alpha-Oriented Strategies for Sustainable Value Creation:

  • Establishing on a commitment to augment the operational performance that has been a hallmark of the firm since its inception, KB has built a world-class value accretion team with regional operating experiences in Southeast Asia, including seasoned professionals drawn from global energy and technology industries.    

  • The core value creation and investment teams work collaboratively with the KB's portfolio companies to develop infrastructure/energy capital projects, enter new market domains in Southeast Asia, initiate new strategic partnerships and JVs, assist in the technical and functional due diligence of any prospective investment opportunities and expand the international network of project financing relationships available to management.

  • KBIS believes its value creation initiatives have been essential drivers of past performance and will remain central to its differentiated, specialist investment strategy.

KB combines specialized engineers for oil & energy and utilities' technology sector knowledge, rigorous financial due diligence processes, and an ecosystem of energy industry relationships to create a significant competitive advantage in executing its integrated investment strategy. Our accesses to entrepreneurs in North America, Middle East and Asia Pacific with trusted connections with Indonesian infrastructure projects and businesses, religious organizations and government leaders provides us value-accretive deal-flows that are exclusive and not easily accessible to others. Further a unique investor pool of ultra high net-worths and entrepreneurial wealth, provides us the ability to originate direct deals for principal investing, commercial financing and capital syndication. 

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